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Name:Mr. David Sugiar [Marketing]
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Mobile Number:081385577199 / 02199219906
Phone Number:02199219906
Fax Number:0213522704-05
Address:Jl.Pintu Air II No.62 jakarta pusat
Jakarta 10710, Jakarta
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Registration Date:Apr. 29, 2009
Last Updated:Oct. 22, 2014
Business Nature:Manufacturing, Trade, Service of Industrial Supplies category

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PT. Aneka Star was established in 1976 as a distributor of office automation, banking products and Racking System. The company has experienced rapid growth and has several product divisions. Our principals are dedicated and committed to support us for the whole Indonesia market. We have currently 600 employees, and this number will be consistently increased due to the geographical area that we must serve. Every year, we spend 25% our income for R& D and training. Our commitment is to give the best to our customers at the best price.

Our factory has various kind of machines and the number of computerizes machines such as CNC Bending Machine.

PT. Aneka Star' s strong financial position is unique within the industry and gives customer' s confidence to enter into long-term agreements with PT. Aneka Star without having to be concerned about PT. Aneka Star' s future financial stability.

One of our philosophies is Grow Along With Our Customer " . Our success is always measured by our customer' s success. That' s why we want to be viewed as a partner, rather than a supplier to our customers. To be a partner we know the value of our service depends a great deal upon the degree to which we understand the workings of our customers business.

Major Products / Services
  • Pallet Rack System
    PT. Aneka Star memproduksi segala jenis
    Pallet rack system antara lain:
    Pallet Rack
    Drive-In Rack
    Double Deep Rack
    VNA Rack
    Gravity Roller pallet Rack
    Medium Duty Rack
    Shelving System, etc.
    PT. Aneka Star melayani System racking custom design..sesuai kebutuhan klien
  • Mosler
    Physical Security product line that are promoted throughout Indonesia include :
    ~ Safe Deposit Box ~ Air Guard
    ~ Safes ~ Fire Proof Filing Cabinet
    ~ Emergency Vault Ventilator ~ Cash Locker
    ~ Modular Panel / Strong Room ~ Roll O Pact or Mobile File
    Through extensive cooperation with Mosler USA, PT. Aneka Star manufacturing site produces safe deposit boxes, safes, fire proof filing cabinet, cash locker, and mobile file for Asia market. Since 1993, we have exported these products throughout the whole Asia from PT. Aneka Star offices in Hongkong , Beijing, Shanghai, and Guang-Zhou.
    PT. Aneka Star also cooperate with Rosengrens International to produce document cabinet for European market. PT. Aneka Star customer cover a wide range of industries in both goverment bank and commercial bank sectors including multinational banks.

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